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Spanish students staying in London and Oxford! An unforgettable trip, full of fun, excitement and experiences

Its special character and cosmopolitan, with lots of contrast in its citizens and buildings, and many museums, events, attractions, parks, bars and shops, make London a city for everybody. The variety of buildings make it impossible to qualify the city with an architectural style, finding antique and classic buildings such as the National Gallery and the Tower of London as well as modern skyscrapers in “the City” or Canary Wharf.

Big-Ben  Tower-of-London  St-James-Park-2  St-James-Park Rueda-de-prensa-Emirates-Stadium Puente-St-James-Park Picnic-Oxford Piccadilly Parliament-and-Big-Ben Oxford-Jardines Oxford-2 Oxford Outside-Emirates-Stadium National-Gallery London-Eye-2 London-Eye London Harrods Emirates-Stadium Buckingham-Palace-Fran-Maria Buckingham-Palace





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